The 300 Youth COR

Empowerment + Leadership + Engagement = Youth Violence Prevention

The 300 Youth COR is a youth leadership and violence prevention program for Baltimore City adolescents ages 15 – 19. The purpose of the program is to equip youth with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and motivation to minimize their risk for involvement in violence and provide peer-to-peer de-escalation intervention during potentially violent situations. The program teaches youth to take responsibility for themselves and for the safety of their communities utilizing a self-designed COR leadership and violence prevention curriculum that builds on three pillars: commitment, organization, and responsibility. The context of the program is delivered to address the increasing rates of youth violence in high crime neighborhoods throughout Baltimore City.

Students receive a $10/hour stipend from participating in the program.

300 Youth COR includes four components of training: COR Leadership training, violence prevention training, physical/self-defense training, and street engagement. Each training component supports the development of positive behavior patterns that are carried with the youth throughout life.

  • The COR Leadership Concepts addresses personal accountability, goal setting, emotional intelligence, personal sacrifice, task management, problem-solving, collective responsibility, work ethic, relationship management, and willpower.
  • Violence Prevention training addresses stages of conflict escalation, risk assessment, motivation to use nonviolent resolution, identifying precursors to violence, violence intervention tactics, nonverbal communication and anger management.
  • Fitness and Self Defense training addresses mental and physical health, physical and psychological safety, self-confidence, self-discipline, risk assessment, strengthening locus of control, self-awareness, and meditation.
  • Street Engagement is the final tool for providing youth the direct experience in structured community walks engaging youth in the streets, encouraging alternatives to gun violence. Youth accompany the adult volunteer force of the 300 Men March Street Engagement Unit during the weekly Friday night engagement walks.

All four components are designed to build skills starting with the individual, moving to a group setting, and ending with community engagement. A total of 100 hours are spent equipping youth with the knowledge they need to become healthy, competent leaders in their schools and community.