Street Engagement Unit

The goal is to decrease shootings and homicides in targeted neighborhoods.


An elite, male volunteer unit of the 300 Men March movement which conducts violence deterrence engagement walks throughout targeted high crime neighborhoods in Baltimore City. These are called the Street Engagement Operations, or the SEO.

The purpose of the SEO is to spread our core message:

“we must stop killing each other”

Amongst the residents living in each particular neighborhood. The goal is to use our influence to drive down the number of shootings and homicides within the targeted neighborhood. Our approach is direct yet non-confrontational, and purposefully inclusive of all parties engaged in every community.

Our top priority is reaching the young men in the community, who are statistically more likely to be involved in violent crime in Baltimore City. However, we still spread our core message to every person we come across.


Street engagement operations are carried out with strict adherence to protocols and standards developed by the captains of the 300 Men March movement, to ensure the safety of SEU members as well as the community. Mandatory, intensive training also preserves the integrity, image, and quality of our movement.

These standards and protocols are delivered in a 10 hour comprehensive SEU training course, which all candidates must complete in full.


Recruitment for the SEU is not on a year-long, rolling basis. Recruitment is done by class cohorts, who begin and complete training together. The recruitment process follows a public announcement and is always initiated with a mandatory orientation on SEO procedures. Further instructions, as well as the following training dates, are distributed at the orientation.