Occupy The Corner

“When righteous men do nothing, evil seems overwhelming.”

Occupy the Corner is one of community violence prevention initiatives spearheaded by the 300 Men March Movement of Baltimore. Its aim is simple; to spread one core message – “We Must Stop Killing Each Other.” 300 members mobilize supporters and community residents and post up on a selected corner in high crime neighborhoods holding up posters, engaging local residents, and pass through traffic.

The purpose is simple; take the fight to ground zero – the neighborhoods impacted most by violence. The goal is to influence a shift in the culture and to inspire hope.

Occupy the Corner operations take place during late evening hours and usually last for 60 to 90 minutes. Organizers distribute posters that carry the core message – We Must Stop Killing Each Other. Occupy the Corner events are open for any and everyone who wants to join one of the strongest violence prevention movements in our nation.

We encourage the participation of men, women, and children of all races or religions regardless of what neighborhood we select to occupy. Occupy the Corner operations are carried out at least monthly, running concurrently with the Street Engagement Unit – another division of the 300 Men March Movement.