North Avenue Unity Walk



In June 2013, in the wake of an unusually high spike in murders, we, the men and women of Baltimore, created the 300 Men March movement. It started with a call for men to come together to collectively voice their disdain for the senseless violent crime. We began the movement with a historic 10-mile march on North Avenue, one of the city’s major thoroughfares. Over 600 men participated in the inaugural march held on July 5, 2013, with an additional 80 women volunteering to help orchestrate and support this unrivaled demonstration which gained national awareness.


The march is a symbolic effort to motivate and inspire men to get involved and stay involved in efforts to help decrease community violence. This annual event on North Avenue symbolizes the collective strength of the positive force of men committed to serving Baltimore City communities.

The march has been held every summer in July since 2013. It’s a 10-mile trek across Baltimore, from west to east, starting at the corner of North Avenue and Hilton Parkway. From there, the procession commences the first five miles across the city until reaching the North Avenue terminal point at N. Milton Avenue, before turning back to complete the last five miles back to the starting point. Altogether, the journey takes approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete.



Starting time is 6:45 pm.

We encourage everyone to arrive early, as we will be starting promptly.

Meeting Location:

3300 West North Avenue crossing Hilton Parkway.

Parking is available in the parking lots of:

Edgewood Elementary School (1900 Edgewood Street Balto. MD 21216),

Walbrook Junction Shopping Center,

And along West North Ave.


Why are we marching?

Our mission is to reduce community violence. Our marches symbolize the unity of other men and organizations that fight for that same common mission. The march is also a symbol of endurance. Endurance, we believe is needed to keep people lasting in what seems to be a long fight to decrease community violence.

What happens after the march?

Hopefully, men are inspired to increase their service activities within their own community. The 300 Men March organization also recruits for our Friday night street engagement operations (SEO). For men who want to join a larger structure, we offer training and placement in the SEO.

Can women participate in the march?

We ask women to understand that this movement is a symbolic gesture of the assembly of men, to be present in the lives of their families. The march is for men only. We have a women’s volunteer planning committee that channels the assistance and energy of our wives, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and other female counterparts.

Can young males participate?

Yes, however, all young males must be accompanied by an older male chaperone. Also, take into account that the walk is 10 miles. It is physically challenging and may present a challenge to the youth of a very young age.

How far is the walk?

A total of 10 miles. From Hilton Street to Milton Street is about 5 miles.