Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved

Occupy the Corner

Come out and rally with us to help strengthen the voice against community violence. The more people that participate, the stronger the visual demonstration in communities that would typically not see the positive activity of this nature. Occupy the corner rallies are usually no longer than 60 minutes. They are held in targeted high crime neighborhoods with a tight security presence by 300 Men March security captains.

300 Community Network

Join a community of Baltimore City residents mobilized as a grassroots community infrastructure designed to help increase public safety awareness. All you have to do is develop a list of 10 to 20 residents/neighbors, to whom you will be responsible for communicating public safety advisories and alerts sent by the 300 Men March Community Network members.

Street Engagement (Men Only)

Join an elite group of volunteers organized and trained to take the message into the heart of the most violent neighborhoods. The Street Engagement Unit is a group of trained male volunteers that participate in our weekly Street Engagement Operations during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Financial Contributions

The 300 Men March Movement is funded by ourselves; the community. Since its inception in 2013, individuals and entrepreneurs have helped to provide the financial infrastructure needed to move forward. As the violence increases, so does our responsibility to address it. Therefore we are forced to expand the scope of our operations to meet the needs of a growing number of traumatized communities. Your financial help assists us in this mission. Every dollar counts and goes towards one or more of our 300 operations. Donations can be made payable to KEYS Development Inc. (the corporate name of our 501c3 organization.)

Women’s Planning Committee

The 300 Men March could not operate without the diligence and wisdom of our women’s support committee. This committee helps with the planning and management of our major events held throughout the year. Planning committees are scheduled during the year in coordination with specific events.

Spread the word

It would take very little effort to become an ambassador for the 300 Men March Movement. All you have to do is share our website, our videos, our story; raise the awareness of a community-led initiative to combat community violence.

Mobilize your community

The 300 Men March is not a one-all solution to ending community violence. We are only playing a small part in an ongoing battle. You have the power to organize and mobilize residents as well. Regardless of the organizational model, in order for community violence to decline, there needs to be a mobilized infrastructure in place to carry out your unique mission. Mobilize your neighborhood, train volunteers, and establish violence prevention and intervention activities right in your own community.