300 Network


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The 300 Community Network is a wide spectrum of over 300 Baltimore citizens organized to circulate essential emergency and public safety-related information to a larger network of residents across Baltimore City.

The messages are called “COMMUNITY ALERTS” and pertain only to the following issues:

  • Crime prevention
  • Emergencies and natural disasters
  • Public safety events
  • Community initiatives

Two categories of messages are sent via the 300 Community Network:

  • HIGH ALERT: conveys the highest level of importance; warrants immediate action or attention.
  • ADVISORY: provides important information for a specific incident or situation.

Why is the 300 Community Network an important strategy?

  • It acts as a conduit of essential information to vulnerable populations through trusted sources.
  • It provides time-sensitive information and alerts to its members to facilitate quicker community responses.
  • It allows the community to receive critical situational updates in real time.

Who should participate in the 300 Community Network?

  • Individuals who want to play a greater role in the collective effort to creating a safer Baltimore.
  • Individuals that want to join a larger network united by a commitment to increase public safety.
  • Individuals are willing to distribute community-related information to their individual networks.

To Sign Up

New member enrollment: Verify that you have read the above information and agree to the following

I agree to:

  • Create a resident network (neighbors, colleagues, staff, group members) of at least 10-20 people.
  • Receive timely public safety and emergency related information from the 300 Community Network.
  • Redistribute essential information in a timely fashion to your resident network.
  • Provide updates to 300 Community Network of essential information regarding known emergencies or public safety hazards (crimes or violent acts, man-made or natural threats).

How do you participate in the 300 Community Network?

  • Send us an email stating your willingness to join the network.
  • Await a confirmation email and instructions.
  • Create a resident network – collect and create a messaging group via phone or email – identify at least 10-20 people that you will take responsibility for contacting and redistributing 300 Community Network alerts.
  • After identifying your resident network recipients, gather their information for contact – name, phone number, email. Data can be stored on your phone or computer. You do not have to share your resident network with anyone.
  • When you receive a 300 Community Network alert – redistribute to your resident network.

How does the 300 Community Network impact my community?

Any effort to develop the safety of a community must start with communication. The 300 Community Network serves as a tool for spreading critical information throughout an entire community reaching a broad base of residents.

As a 300 Community Network member, you are taking responsibility to ensure that the community is aware of critical situations that have targeted or widespread hazardous impacts.

Who manages the 300 Community Network?

Data management and 300 Community Network communication is managed and administered by 300 Men March leadership staff. Oversight of the usage of 300 Community Network will be the responsibility of community leaders selected to serve on the Community Action Committee.