The 300 Men March Movement of Baltimore

Preventing Youth Violence

In the aftermath of the Baltimore “Unrest” we asked ourselves the golden question – what can we do differently? Our quick response was the development of a paid youth leadership training program that sponsored by Travility (Travel Agency and Booking Center).

Emerging Leaders Converge

Our job is to inspire, empower and engage young individuals who have embraced their calling to lead in the most violent, neglected and poverty-stricken communities across the American landscape.

Converting Abandoned homes into community assets

Change comes from within. We believe that the changes at the community level must be sustained by institutions built within and by the community. We are building our second community health/fitness center. Please support by donating to this project that brings hope to a blighted East Baltimore community. Special thanks to the financial support of our regular sponsors: Digit Computers Baltimore (IT support and services), Hurrys PC Warehouse (Electronics Retail and Repair Shop), OVC pharmacy (Medical supply store && Pharmaceutical company), etc.

OPERATION 300. Emergency plan to reduce gun violence in Baltimore City

We recognize the urgency that should be highlighted in any conversation about solutions to end gun violence. On average, one or more homicides per day presents an alarming rate increase that demands immediate intervention. Someone is dying literally, every day. For each day that we are without adequate resources on the ground level, another life is lost. We plan to generate an immediate cultural impact to interrupt that reality.